Oppresor Alexandro plutonium is the profesor utonium negative counterpart and a main antagonist of the series,is only appear in the comic deja view stopped by the ppg.

Early lifeEdit

Is unkown the early life of plutonium,but is know we are a scieentist and tyrant.

Making the ppnkEdit

Pluonium move in Villetown,a quiet town but thanks to him and his friends, the mayor mr.phanto villetown and managed to come to power and to have more fun, months efore, theft in a supermarket vinegar, salt and many unpleasant things and found the chemical X, the put them all in a holla, and like the ppg thanks to his monkey, jomo momo, was created by accident at PPNK, brat, berserk and brute.


Plutonium is callous,a bit of stupid,and a smart enemie,but loving daughters, always protecting them, so when by knd jomo kids momo and seek revenge as ever,

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