Number 1,or miguelon,is the leader of the KMD and one of protagonist of the series,is a very serious,tactical and observer leader,every time training to the friends and the heroes and save the eorld of the new menace.


She and their containers,They used to work in a team chasing and catching criminals, most adults and other children, until one day, in his 80th mission, are transported to a false moon and number 4 (HAMNSTER) keeps watch the barracks, but suddenly a clash between dimensions rrnk happens and fall in, once inside, ygoshi, and brando, boys rescue the moon and immediately go to the tree house and realize the evil plan of plutonium and decide to go to the world sonic to stop, get it immediately, but with several sacrifices. For this, they decide to raise the cure and revive the dead.


Number 1 is very inteligent and calculator,like bolt and tails,every time,reate a tactics to stop the enemies,to are a very strong and far,enough to compite with sonic,breeze and others,very inteligent like bolt.

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