This characters generally don't fight or are a shot moves

From powerpuffgirlsEdit

-Blossom:Is the oldest powerpuff girls,is very smart and inteligent like bolt.

Bubbles:The cute of the group,is very and naived children.Edit

Buttercup:The most hard of the group,they love fight against a worthy oponent,like saiyans.

Profesor Utonium:Is the good counterpart of Plutonium,is very inteligent and love father.

From Dragon ball zEdit

Goku:Not fighting but are appear and training the guys and attack a little villains,Is the ultimate saiyan and warrior in the universe.

From KNDEdit

-Dale City Citizens:The town we the kids lived,as are kill by therrb but revived thanks the dragon balls.

From Sonic the hedgehogEdit

Cream and chese:Mega-Friends always comtenplate the fight and fight a little,Their power level is around 500.

From marioEdit

-Princes daisy:Is the secret love of luigi,is the princces of the daisy reign protect by brando.

-Luigi:Not fighting much,and prefer to take a vacation time.

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