Dr.eggman or Ivo robotnik is The Main villains of the Ivo saga,Are the sonic higest rival.


Inspired by his grandfather, eggman attempt to succeed with their jobs, but due to a failed contest, eggman was frustrated and immediately went on a campaign to rule the world, starting with mobius, but then was stopped by sonic oitra again and again , until one day that he died at the hands of PPNK.Once we saw this, Eggman became angry and question his work, but when he sought to revive, was even more upset and decided to stick with your plan even more than ever.


Eggman no fight much,but are an I.Q. of 300 and prefer to their henchmen did the job.Too,are a litle bit of fight skills and is very fast,And finally,in the episode 11,thanks to their hatred and the full chaos energy,Is transform in the hyper form,surpass the team.

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