Breeze is the male counterpart of brat And Main character of the series.


Breeze in the midst of a world in chaos, jomo While fighting against PPNK momo, thanks to an oversight, Secrets of plutonium were stolen and and finally, thanks to a capsule, cat hair, hair saiyan, worm and remaining substance X , were born the rrnk and this together with his brothers, They beat PPNK and almost restored the peace but brute plutonium entertains and load your last attack, but are saved by a wormhole. Falling into the KND dimension, and with the terror past, He befriended number 3 and his team, and after another joined plutoniumse attack mario and sonic and together they begin a quest to collect the Chaos Emeralds and revive Sonic and his friends.


He is a good and studious child, Although somewhat naive, bubble, al enfarse, is more dangerous to enemies that her 2 brothers, likes animals and some receive pequeñasbromas of his brothers, especially Byrum

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