Brat Plutonium as the female counterpart of Breeze and a main Villain in the Henchmen Saga and the prologue


She and her sisters were created by plutonium more fun to destroy anyone who opposes him,But their plans failed in an oversight and I quickly momo jomo to Rowdyrunk Boys who were responsible for defeat, after being defeated by Breeze, Everything seemed to good hands, but she and her sister Brute entertain and almost kills them all but survive thanks to a wormhole.

After being healed and rebuilt, Plutonium Wart joined and fought these brando and Yagoshi, I had to make the beat brute, And after a raid, sonic died and she and her sisters were destroyed by the spiteful Anti-Sonic Team.


-Light speed attack


-Hyper Rush

-Eye lazer


-Electric burned.

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