Brando is the middle-brother of mario and a principal heroe of the series,is a mario clone created for dr.eggad to protect the daisy kingdoom.


2 years before,in the smbz universe,brando has created by eggad to protect mario of the enemies,but is take by bowser in a raid and inmediately turn a bowser's henchmen.

But thanks the situation and the insane and rutheless of bowser and eggman,back their origina memory and saved mario but escape of him for the bad situation.

Missing,brando discover the daisy kingdoom! a strange metro´polis unknow for bowser,brando start to saved the citienzs of a koopa and inmediately turn the town's hheroe! later brando in an act of greatness, stop saw yagoshi koopa and finds a lost of his people, and make friends Cundo brando cares, another koopa appears and attacks and brando loses an arm, but yagoshi attacks the koopa and I eating leaving an egg. angry, is about the koopa but brando dematar prevents it, and unwittingly becomes his arm thanks to 1-up forgotten.


Brando,we are a mario clone and copy he's habilities,but with a diference,thir are a close-full water and ice attacks,which gives the greatest resistance to weather, almost below 0.It can absorb and transform items like mario, and make ice-based attacks and water,And can be regenerate.


-Fire ball

-Ice ball

-Electric Rush

-Last transportation.

-Ultimate Hamer Hit


-Cape form

-Fire form

-Ice Form

-Super form

-Liquid form

-100% Ice form

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