Bolt is the leader autoproclamad of NR and berserk male counterpart.He is the leader and most of the 3 super smart guys.Like bonbon, is very smart tactics and the like.He is very intelligent and less mocking than its counterpart brick. 

Early lifeEdit

Bolt,Like his brothers, was created in a desperate attempt to protect the city from the PPNK, its element is cat hair and fight hard against bersk and achieved thanks to a clash with his father overcome oppressive plutonium but it uses a tactic in secret and sister this, brute, ends up destroying the entire city but the boys and their father saved thanks to a dimensional portal opened next to another dimension beyond the KND, achieved together with the children of the neighborhood and befriends bolt of number 1, thanks to his intelligence and leadership. While her daughters plutonium and terrorize the kingdom of daysi.Brando deternlos runs but is destroyed immediately and survives thanks to its fast regeneration aquatic logih mate and his friend.Oppressor Plutonium realizes this and immediately combines a mysterious power that attracted and assisted his daughters and his lazer ends mysterious opening a portal that attracts another and thus realize how to get to another dimension all planning to poderarse .but is stopped by Boly, his brothers and their team colleagues. 


Bolt It has abilities similar to the rrb and goku, graxias to entrenamientoy at ppg, but much more powerful. You can devise various techniques and improvised movement control and manipulate energy and fuersa.pero is frustrated by the velozidad but can capture various movements.==Enemies== Plutonium:It is the greatest enemy, along with their daughters, have been commissioned to destroy and conquer the world, so obviously running a stop along the comrades and brothers, takes it like a mad scientist and his great enemy jury, but trembles when he dies at the hands of murderers bros koopa.

Berserk:His rival number one above, always fight over who has the best or worst team, but feel devastated when this is going to die. although its desolation is replaced by brick.  

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